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Hi, I'm Melanie Wichlein

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. I graduated from Bremen University with a BA in Art and Culture.

Since 2012 I have illustrated and designed several books on global warming, ergonomic education and stories for children.

In recent years my artwork has focussed on raising awareness about environmental issues and climate justice.

I like to experiment with different media and styles illustrating both digitally and non-digitally. My work is a constant learning and evolving process in search for the best way to interpret the ideas and concepts that, the people I work with and I, want to convey.

When I`m not drawing and creating you can find me in theatres, art galleries or enjoying nature.

Published Work

Books by the "Blue light Series":

  • How to run Better. Patterns of running (2021)
  • Stories of Lala III: Spell and Tell (2019)
  • Stories of Lala II: Creatures of the forest (2018)
  • If all the World`s a Stage It`s on Fire. A Sense of Global Warming (2016)
  • Stories of Lala: Stories of Hope (2015)

  • Global Warming. Social Story Poems: Seeds of Needs (2015)
  • Global Warming. Time Stories: Seeds of Sorrow - Seeds of Hope (2014)
  • Computer Comfort. A modern aproach to computer use (2013)

Selfpublished books (Illustration, text and layout by Melanie Wichlein):

  • Gargoyle Relaxation Colouring Book (2018)
  • Klima-Aktionsbuch für Junge Helden - Climate-Action Book for Young Heroes (2017)

     Available on request only. Language: German.

Publications in magazines:

  • „Cultivating Healthy Mental Habits“. VAINE magazine, Issue about mental health, April 2021

  • „Back to Nature“. VAINE magazine, Issue about environment, December 2020